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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Most of the international customers prefer using our English speaking Guides.
Upon request we can provide you with Guides or Interpretors speaking most of the European and Asian languages


Eastern Slovakia is one of the safest places in the world for all foreign visitors.
During the day tours you will be accompanied by our guides all the time.
While visiting the attractions you may leave your extra equipment, spare clothing, drinks, etc. in the vehicle with our driver.
Our Guides will also advise you on the best places to go for an evening city walk, a dinner or the enterntainment, friendly locals are always ready to help the foreign visitors.

Meals and drinks

Our guides will take you to the best value restaurants, pubs, delis and food courts in the area, handpicked for their selection, quality and price. Explore choices of standard meals, or try out some popular local specialties. You can book the optional package with daily lunch and dinner, if you are OK with the popular international and local meals.

If you need a special diet or if you prefer the gourmet dishes, you can pay for your meals individually as you go. There is also a large selection of tasty quality groceries available everywhere.

Our tip: You can sample some of the great Slovak and Czech beers, and you should definitely explore the incredible variety of Slovak mineral waters.

What to bring

Our general reccommendation is to dress casually and according to the season.
Bring enough comfortable clothing and underwear for the full length of your stay.
Please see the Link Clothing/Equipment on the main page for the general equipment list, plus a special stuff reccommended for some of the outdoor day tours.


Slovakia uses the common European currency Euro. The bank machines are available all around the country, including smaller towns, resorts, gas stations, shopping malls, etc.
You can exchange safely most of the other currencies at the exchange offices and the banks.
The bank and credit cards are being accepted by most of the large and medium size stores and restaurants.
The consumer prices average about the same as those in the neighbouring countries.

Your physical abilities

Our Tour Packages are designed to accommodate particular age groups, or to fit the special interest groups activities.
OUTDOOR MIX is intended for the active hikers, it includes climbing the steel ladders and platforms.
FAMILY VACATION is designed specifically for the parents with their kids aged 4-15.
SENIORS SPECIAL includes optional light scenic walks.
All other Tour Packages are suitable for the average adults and the children over 12.


Pick-up and Drop-off

The package price includes your Pick-up and Drop-off anywhere in Kosice.
Kosice city can be reached easily by trains, buses and cars, or you can fly in.
We can also pick you up from any other city or the airport around for a fee, including the neighbouring EU countries. We can send you our price quote based on the destination and the number of travellers.


Terms and Conditions

Please see our standard booking, payment and cancellation policies.