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The exact geografical centre of Europe is located in Slovakia.


Slovakia is the second most forested country in Europe with 46% of the area covered by forests.

The easternmost Gothic Cathedral (St. Elisabeth) in the Europe is located in Kosice (finished in 1477).

The oldest  sculpture found in Slovakia (Venus) is over 22 000 years old.

You can hike or walk freely thru the vast forests with no fences or limitations for several days.

There are still numerous locations with no mobile phone signal available.

City of Levoca has the largest wooden gothical altar in the world, built in the 16-th century.

Slovakia in the middle of Europe has an amazing abundance of wildlife such as Brown Bear (almost 1000 animals), Wolf (500), Chamois (200), Lynx, Wildcat, Wild Boar, Elk, Deer, Eagle, Beaver, etc.

Kosice city is hosting  the oldest Marathon Run in Europe (2-nd in the world) every October.

The High Tatras Gerlach Peak (2665 m a.s.l.) is the highest point of the whole Carpatian Mountains.

Fujara is the most typical Slovak musical instrument, listed as a part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

The Dobsinska ladova jaskyna Ice Cave had the first electric lighting in the world (1882).

Several locations in the High Tatras Mountains have snow and icefields all year long.

A medieval Spis Castle (1120) is the largest in the Central Europe (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

The oldest wall paintings in the Sacred Hallway inside the Domica cave are over 6000 years old.

Slovakia world famous Tokaj Wine is beeing called „King of the wines - wine of the Kings“.

Kosice has the oldest City Coat of Arms in Europe (1369).

The most popular sport in Slovakia is Ice Hockey - World Champions and medalists, many great NHL players…

The most successful sport is a whitewater canoeing and kayaking - many Olympic Winners, World Champions and medalists…

The highest temperature recorded:  +39,8 C
The lowest temperature recorded:    -41,0 C

Various Slovak Records from the Eastern Slovakia


The largest golden treasure found - 2920 golden coins, 3 medals and a chain from the 17-th century.

The largest karst territory in the Central Europe Slovak Karst with 1100 caves and abysses.

The largest ethnic folklore festival in Vychodna (80 000 visitors).

The longest Slovak waterfall (90 m) Kmetov vodopad in High Tatras.

The tallest church tower in Spisska Nova Ves (87 m) with 7 church clocks.

More National Parks than the rest of Slovakia combined.

The highest lake Modre pleso in High Tatras (2192 m).

Cave with the first public access Jasovska jaskyna (1846).

The oldest child toy (pull cart) over 3600 years old.

The deepest canyon Zadiel (400 m).

The oldest wooden church (St. Francis from Assisi in Hervartov) from the 15-th century.

The largest and the deepest natural lake Velke Hincovo pleso (20 ha / 53,7 m deep).

The first state protected natural habitat Kvetnica in Velicka dolina in 1876.

The largest dripstone in Slovakia is in Krasnohorska jaskyna Cave (32,6 m).